Project "P.V. 704"

1956 - 1958 (P.V. standing for "Private Venture")

The six-engine viper test rig, not only a paper design, it's real!

The engine rig was designed to use up to six small Armstrong Siddeley Viper 8 turbojets to drive the giant

impellers. The "six-Viper test rig" was a self-contained enclosed outdoor stand which consisted of the central section of the saucer vehicle, a control room, fuel supply and exhaust ducting.

AVRO Project 1794

aka "SILVER BUG" and "project Y-2"

From a similar report:

Program Planning Report, Project 1794 Extension Program, 04/1957.

Source: National Archives and Records Administration

This photo is of an UFO, in Barra da Tijuca, Brazil, 1952.