(originally identified as "Lenticular Rocket")

A direct quote from the Pye Wacket data report:

"The tests were made in support of a feasibility study by Convair of the Pye Wacket, a lenticular-shaped, air -to-air rocket. Initial investigations of the lenticular-shaped body by APGC were conducted in Tunnel E-1 of the VKF and are reported in Refs. 1, 2, and 3."

The tests were conducted at the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC), in Tennessee. It was a bomber defense missile, and it was done by the Pomona, California Division of Convair. This was later merged into General Dynamics.

- September 1959 AEDC report on preliminary supersonic wind tunnel tests of lenticular missile shapes. This study focused on the aerodynamics of simple discs of three different profiles at speeds up to Mach 5.

- March 1960 AEDC report on wind tunnel tests of Pye Wacket lenticular configurations at supersonic speeds. By this time, a subtle wedge-shaped cross-section had been selected. This test series investigated different control surface configurations at various Mach numbers and angles of attack.