VRIL 1 (Jäger)

 Is there a real story behind the fake informations you will find anywhere in the Web?

And if YES - What pictures are REAL and what pics are FAKE?

If you would like to learn the background and history of the Vril Society,

please read the german book "NATIONALE SICHERHEIT" from Dan Davis.

Almost all of the pictures of the Vril Society and the flying-disk projects that can be found on the internet

and in books are fakes and illustrations.

There are very few creators who have the possibility of being genuine.

These include about 130 photos, which the author and publisher Jan Udo Holey, better known as Jan van Helsing (publisher of the nonfiction book "National Security" by Dan Davis) acquired years ago for a five-digit D-mark amount and had checked.

Many of them are also found on the Internet in very poor quality.

Some of these images can be found here.

Above: This is an image from a book who some people told

shows Hitler in front of a part of an VRIL-1 JÄGER and / or a small

VRIL-1 model version.

The authenticity of the picture is still questionable...

Like most pictures of VRIL-1 in the Web.

See some photos from a private flying saucer-

project from Michigan for comparison to the

picture above:

Picture above: Michigan - The Flying Saucer-Project - CLICK HERE!

But the pictures you can see below are some

of the 130 photos who are - maybe - real.

VRIL-1 (Jäger):

All other pictures you will find in the Web these days about VRIL-1 JÄGER are

presumably Faked or Illustrations, no originals.

But if you are still unsure about a picture on the Internet you find, send it to Jan Udo Holey,

who owns the originals, and ask him for an opinion.