YB-49 Flying Wing  

Above: YB-49, Edwards Airforce Base.

The YB-49 strategic bomber came about as an extension of the ultimately-cancelled XB-35/YB-35 project. The major difference between the two lines was the YB-49's switch to an all-turbojet-powered arrangement. Like the XB-35/YB-35 before it, the YB-49 also eventually suffered cancellation. Just two were completed with seven more remaining in various stages of conversion from the YB-35 standard at the end.

The prototype YB-49 made its official maiden flight in 1947 and showcased a promising future in testing.

In November 1941, the Unites States Army Air Forces (USAAF, or AAF) signed the development contract for an XB-35; the contract included an option for a second aircraft, which was exercised in January 1942. The first was to be delivered in November 1943, the second in April of 1944. In June 1946, the XB-35 made its first flight.

One of the most plausible explanations for the UFO sighting of 1947 at Mount Rainer

by Kenneth Arnold would be the sighting of (Northrop) flying wings. Also read the book

"Nationale Sicherheit" by Dan Davis.

Above: Book "Nationale Sicherheit" from Dan Davis about the UFO-Case

from Kenneth Arnold and the Northrop- XB-35 / YB-49 Flying Wings.